My Top 5 Television Shows

Hey friends. One of my many obsessions are television shows. TV shows are perfect because I don’t need to commit to the longer time of a movie. Also, any decent show has cliff hangers and plot twists that make you want to ruin your life binge watching another season. Here’s to the people who live vicariously through their favorite fictional worlds (like me)!


1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I know, I know, the title sounds weird and unusual. It actually says a lot of what the show is about. The name “Buffy” describes the comedic moments, “Vampire” for horror and sci-fi and “Slayer” for drama and action. This show has everything you could want. Even the romantics have the relationship between Angel and Buffy to drool over about (aka not me…I don’t drool over any romance, I just cringe).

The monsters that Buffy and her friends go up against are not just monsters. A lot of them are actually metaphors for the struggles and hardships that everyone faces when growing up and just life in general. The creator of the show, Joss Whedon, wanted to put a twist on the scared blonde girl running away from the killer. Instead, the girl would turn around and kill the monster herself.


She’s basically a female icon badass. Watch this show.


1) 2) American Horror Story

AHS could have easily been my first pick for favorite TV show, but BtVS will always be the true first choice. American Horror Story is an anthology series (fancy word for the story and characters change every season, but the actors do not) that specializes in the freakiest of situations. The first and second seasons (Murder House and Asylum) are some the best seasons I’ve seen of any show. Plus, I’ve found Sarah Paulson and Taissa Farmiga which are now the queens of television to me after I watched AHS. I’m obsessed.



3) Dollhouse

Dollhouse is another gem created by the god of writing and directing, Joss Whedon. It stars my favorite actress, Eliza Dushku (who also played Faith, my favorite character in BtVS), as Echo. The basics of the show is that the “Dollhouse” is a business that can imprint their so-called Dolls (or Actives) with any personality or set of skills a client wants. Echo has been a mother, an assassin, a ransom negotiator and basically anything else you can think of.

It’s the most original and creative show I’ve seen, but of course it only has two seasons because of the network that decided to cancel it (yeah FOX, I blame you). I’m still pretty angry about that.


4) Dexter

Dexter is a seemingly mild-mannered blood spatter analyst by day and a serial killer by night. The thing is he only kills other killers or people that really deserve it. This show makes the audience want to root for what is considered to be the antagonist. Actually, he’s kind of nice for a serial killer and a bit relatable (I’m guessing I am the only one who thinks so…).


5) Breaking Bad

This is one of my favorite shows because of the insanely good acting, and an overwhelming amount of plot twists. Walter White is a chemistry teacher who discovers that he has terminal cancer. To provide for his family he joins former student, Jesse Pinkman to create a business making crystal meth. Walter White’s yet another one of the those guys that you think is alright, but is actually a drug kingpin.

I guess all of my favorite television shows have seemingly normal, mild mannered characters, but really they’re intimidating badasses.

The-Walking-Dead-season-4-wallpapers-7Bonus: The Walking Dead (because Top 6 doesn’t sound as good as Top 5, unfortunately)

I’ve watched a lot of zombie movies that are corny and have horrible special effects. The Walking Dead is not one of them. It is the best adaptation of a zombie (walker) apocalyptic world I’ve ever seen. The only thing is you get so attached to the characters that when a character dies, you’re going to think about it for the rest of the series (RIP Beth). Plus, the special effects and walker kills are the best kind of gory. Now I want a katana, but knowing me I shouldn’t have one.

For me, watching all of these shows is as good as thinking it’s time to wake up, but you still have 30 more minutes to sleep (or almost as good).


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  1. Haley says:

    Scary moment when we seem to have the same top five tv shows….


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