We Have Adulted!

Hey friends! Yesterday I went to see “Calendar Girls!” (it’s a hilarious play, look it up) with my amazing friends, Haley and Marlee. It started off with our awkward selves going to eat breakfast for dinner in Statesville. We tried to be confident adults, but instead we ended up being mumbly whenever our waitress came over. When we went to pay for our meal, there was an ongoing dropping of coins happening (oops). Once we paid, we stepped out of the diner and decided that we had adulted! Acting like adults is cool (except saying that we have “adulted” might not mean that we are true adults yet, oh well).

We went to see the play at The Twisted Oak in Downtown Statesville, and Calendar Girls was hilarious! Everyone in the play was so good and it caused cry-laughing fits for some people (by people I mean Haley). And Adam (our waiter) made me question every decision I made because he kept having this inquisitive expression on his face when we talked to him.

Things Adam (the really nice waiter) Made Me Question

  • Whether or not my choice of Sprite as a drink was okay or not
  • If I should get a burger with fries or a dessert with fries on the side (that one was mostly because I’m indecisive)
  • If paying with a $50 bill was valid (he made the questionable expression, then said he was praying to God)







I will leave you with a picture of Marlee trying to pick up ice cubes with her straw “chopsticks” because…we’ve adulted! Also, two more of my friends can now say that I have a bottomless pit for a stomach (I ate so much, but the scary thing is that I’ve eaten more than that before).


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