5 Wicked Cool Things (March)

Am I cool enough to use the phrase “wicked cool”? Probably not in real life. I either mumble something under my breath or get too excited and blurt something out loudly without thinking. Then the embarrassment sets in. There really is no in between for me. Anyway, here are 5 wicked cool things (cause my blog is named The Wicked Introvert…I’m clever…) that I liked this month!

1) Huge Gourmet Burgers

I was in my natural habitat (the couch) watching a special on Food Network called “The Best Burger Ever.” I’ve been craving really good, high quality burgers ever since. Then I found Flatiron Kitchen & Taphouse in Davidson, and I was hooked on their too-good-to-be-true bacon burger.


2) Irish Soda Bread

On St. Patrick’s Day, I went over to my friend Sofia’s house and devoured about half a loaf of the most amazing Irish soda bread. I decided that I should get 18 loaves for my birthday. No more, no less. Thanks Sofia (in advance).


3) Spinach & Artichoke Hummus

I literally eat one regular tub of hummus per day, and I do mean literally. I don’t mean the snack size either. If you’re wondering, I do eat the hummus with pita chips or pretzels (not just with a spoon, I’m not that obsessed…*discreetly hides in a dark corner*).


4) Lush

Lush is a great place to get skincare/bath things without the use of harsh chemicals (I sound like those annoying TV adverts). The scents always smell amazing, and the best thing is that they are cruelty-free and use all organic ingredients. What is this sorcery that is pampering?!


5) This Blog Decent Human Beings

As long as you are a respectful and decent human being (who doesn’t yell at waiters/waitresses for no good reason), we’re cool. Let’s be friends.



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