5 Wicked Cool Things (April)

Hey friends! So I recently caught a cold and for some reason I always feel self-conscious about blowing my nose and coughing loudly in public. As it turns out I’m actually a bit of a germaphobe myself, so I even disgust myself. How sad? Very.

It’s always annoyingly awkward when I blow my nose in front of others, and they give me looks of pure disgust. The thing is that everyone has been sick one time or another (unless you’re a supreme super human being), so stop looking at me like I just killed a man. Hopefully you can relate. Anyway, here are some things that were wicked cool this month!

1. The Grace Helbig Show

Grace Helbig is one of the first YouTubers I ever watched. She’s hilarious, relatable, awkward (like me) and an overall cool human being. To this day she is still my favorite YouTube content creator and now she has a TV show! It’s airs on Fridays at 10:30pm on E! What a charming idiot. #graceshow (youtube.com/itsgrace)


2) Game of Thrones

Well, I admit that I’m a bit late to the game. I just started watching Game of Thrones a couple weeks ago and I’m already on season 3. Like any other person who’s watched the show…I’m addicted. The problem is that I signed up for a 30 day free trial to HBONow, so I have about half that time to watch the rest (yes, this is a first world problem). Let’s do this.


3) Teavana

Teavana = literal liquid heaven. I’ve never been much of a tea or coffee person, but now I am! For those who don’t know, Teavana is a store that sells tea (kind of a given fact), but there are so many different flavors and combinations to try. It’s Starbucks’ sister brand, but it’s better than Starbucks. Mainly because of the free samples and the quality (but mostly the free samples).


4) Lush Sea Salt Spray

Lush to me is the equivalent to how most girls love Starbucks: too much. But hey, that’s cool (I like an occasional Cool Lime Refresher too). Since my hair is stick straight and lies flat, I thought salt spray would help my hair look a bit less like I just got out of the shower all the time. And it works! It adds a lot of volume and texture to my usual dull hair.


5) Mini Tissue Packs

Does this count as a monthly favorite?…Of course it does. It should be because: convenience. I don’t think this needs any further explanation. You get it.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teavana’s my new go-to place for loose-leaf tea… I just love the mix of Raspberry Balsamico and Limeade Twist (both fruit infusions)! Tastes awesome iced with just a touch of honey… I posted a recipe for homemade iced tea on our blog if you wanna check it out! https://likemindedfoodies.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/recipe-of-the-day-homemade-iced-tea/


    1. I love limeade twist too! I’ll try it with a bit of honey next time like you said.


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