The Best Burger! (Flatiron Kitchen & Taphouse)

Flatiron is home to the best burger (and fish & chips!) in North Carolina. The food is upscale pub food heaven! The shape of the building is unique since it’s similar to a mini version of the Flatiron Building in NYC. Now it’s one of my go-to restaurants.

When I say that this restaurant has a fantastic burger, I don’t just mean a gross meat patty slapped on a soggy bun with some sad wilted lettuce. This gourmet (gourmet makes everything sound fancier somehow) burger is made of ground Wagyu beef (ooo, fancy). It has a soft brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, white cheddar (not a fan since I’m cheese-free), smoky bacon, and the best part: the ale onions.

Yes, the ale onions…*slowly falls into a food coma full of ale onions*








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