Street Style in the Suburbs

Hey friends! I’ve described my style as “a dark look with a feminine edge” or the less pretentious description “hipster vampire”. The mix of casual and fancy mixed with the urban badass of street style makes it look like I put a lot of effort into a mostly simple outfit. My life of looking put together, but not really. Ever.

Since I live in a place where there are more parks and fields (not that there’s anything wrong with parks or fields) than skyscrapers and concrete, I’ve decided to bring street style to the suburbs (or on a bridge near a duck pond in Davidson…whatever works).

Also, having someone else take photos of you in a public space is very unnerving, especially when you’re posing in front of said duck pond wearing heels. A family walked by me on the bridge and I’m pretty sure there was about 5 long seconds of awkward eye contact. Oh well.






Where to Find These Clothes

Mock Turtleneck Top – here

Disco Pants – here

Plaid Shirt – here (similar)

Open Wedged Heels – here (similar)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. aronnejang says:

    I love the Pop of color you added with your plaid shirt! And your shoes are very cute!

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  2. kiley says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep just casually strolling in my DISCO PANTS! Haha 🙂


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