My Summer To-Do List

Hey friends! It’s summer and unlike others, I’m more of an autumn person. But instead of wasting my time like last summer (I admit), I’m determined to get things done. Yeah, last summer I indulged in my obsession of watching videos while eating countless sleeves of unsalted crackers. I’m over unsalted crackers, but not watching Netflix.

Here’s my summer to-do list of which I’m pretty sure that I can accomplish in the span of three months (maybe?).

Dye my hair dark red/burgundy ombre. Well, I can check this off of my list! I needed a change from my too long to handle, straight black hair. I’m calling it my flame hair. Oh yea. 

Draw something everyday. Or almost everyday. Eh, maybe part of a drawing everyday. I’ve gotten more into drawing and sketching recently, so let’s see where that takes me (to some awful comic strips maybe?

I tried…

Rewatch all of my favorite TV Shows. Yes, that does include the classics: Buffy, Dollhouse, Breaking Bad, etc.

One of the best moments on the show!

Watch new TV Shows. At least new to me. I DVR’d all of Bates Motel, Better Caul Saul, and Arrow. I plan to watch all of them.

YES! Prequel to Breaking Bad!

Bake/cook more. For a while there I got into baking, but I haven’t had enough time to continue that journey…until now. Baked goods here I come.

Could happen. I’m not going to think about it though.

Hang out with friends more. Last summer I hung out with friends twice, I believe. I’m trying here.


Visit some exciting places. That’s semi-hard to do in North Carolina, but I’m sure I can find places like museums. Hopefully without getting lost.

Travel. I’m going to New York City for a week in August and I want to spend a few days in Asheville, NC if I can.

Learn to write in Chinese. Undoubtedly, the hardest thing on this list. However, I’m only talking about learning how to write basic words like cat, dog, moon, etc. You know, stuff a kindergartner can learn. Any harder than that and I’m out.

Get to 2,000 views by the end of August. It’s a bit ambitious for this little blog, but I hope to post (at least three times a week!). Let’s see if I can keep that promise to myself.


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