Snapshots of Disneyworld: Epcot

Hey friends! Although it doesn’t seem like it, but one of my favorite places to go to is Disney. It’s gives a sense of nostalgia and all that. However I try to go during the less busy seasons, so I don’t encounter what I call is “The Circle of Yelling.” It’s when the kids yell at the parents because they want something, then the parents yell at the kids for being annoying, and then the parents yell at each other because they’re stressed out. The Circle of Yelling can also be called “Summer at Disney.”

I wanted to create a series on this blog of my past Disney trips about anything I can think of (and have pictures of). So that mostly includes restaurants. Here’s a first of the Disney series called: Snapshots of Disneyworld: Epcot. 









The reason I like Disney so much is not only because of the one-of-a-kind rides, but because of the entire atmosphere and especially the food. For those who don’t know, Disney’s resorts and even in-park restaurants are so damn good. Disney has sort of become an empire. Like Breaking Bad style, but with less drugs. Although the churros are really addicting, so…


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