Summer Music Playlist

Hey friends! Since it’s already summer and half of the year has passed us by like a speeding bullet of doom, I’ve decided to put together a summer music playlist. I know, makes complete sense.

I have no idea where time has gone and I’m betting that this summer is going to fly by. Great. My summer playlist is mostly alternative music with cool beats (there was no way I could make “cool beats” sound less hipster). Here are some places that you can listen to this playlist:

  • During work to help creativity (or to get you through listening to ignorant coworkers)
  • Relaxation and meditation (just kidding I don’t meditate. Although I’m a person who should…)
  • In the bath/shower to practice your horrible shower singing (not that I do that…hmm)
  • While exercising (haha. If only I exercised. *contemplates life choices silently*)
  • To bother your family by loudly playing it on the bluetooth speaker at random points of the day

1) Artist: itsMelvv (

Song: Midnight Moon


2) Artist: Young Summer

Songs: Taken, Fever Dream, Waves That Rolled You Under


3) Artist:  Misterwives

Songs: Vagabond, Queens, Hurricane


4) Artist: Lana Del Rey

Songs: West Coast, Body Electric, Blue Jeans

unnamedunnamed (1)

5) Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Songs: Dreams, Landslide

How you’ll feel listening to Fleetwood Mac

All of these songs (except for Midnight Moon) are on iTunes! I’m thinking of doing a music playlist for each season. Let me know what you think!


One Comment Add yours

  1. lulu says:

    “speeding bullet of doom”…..quite an effective way to describe how fast time passes. Like you, I can only wonder where it has gone in 2015.

    Liked by 1 person

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