NYC Day 2 – French Pastries & The Butcher’s Daughter

Hey friends! This is the second part of my adventures in New York City this summer. I can remember being unimaginably hot and the taste of the most amazing pastries I’ve ever eaten. We also stopped at some stores that looked like they were going to be expensive…and it’s safe to say that I didn’t buy a whole lot. Free People? Really nice bohemian clothes. Prices? I saw a dress I liked and my head spun around when I looked at the tag. A sunglasses place I forgot the name of? My money dollars shriveled inside my wallet.

The Butcher’s Daughter’s food and juices made up for all of that. The Butcher’s Daughter is a little, rustic cafe that screams healthy. I’ve always been interested in vegan/vegetarian food that tastes like “normal” food and this place delivered. We had the smashed avocado toast bites (ooo, sounds fancy, it’s just avocado mixed with some other bits) and beet soaked deviled eggs (sounds questionable, but SO GOOD).

To-go juice from The Butcher’s Daughter!

You know a place is healthy when you get a plant in your water.
The Orange-Carrot Juice

Some salad. Oh, all salads…you’re mainly leaves.
Those beet deviled eggs though.


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