Monochrome Blues

Hey friends! I admit that I’ve been slacking a bit lately on fashion posts since these photos were taken a few weeks ago when I still had my super long (yet annoying) hair. Although I do enjoy how in some of these photos I look like:

  1. A friendly pale person
  2. A disgruntled, snooty housewife
  3. The girl from The Ring in heels

I’ve accepted the fact that I can portray all of these in just a couple photos. This is a fancier and less “street style” way than I normally would go, but a bit of variation is good sometimes. I paired a black and white patterned dress with these grey (sort of light blue?) chunky heels. I think they’re actually grey, but I’m sticking with the name “Monochrome Blues” because it sounds like a semi-artsy and good name to me. Creativity at its best, I know.

Where to Find These Clothes

Bodycon Dress – here

Chunky Heels – old shoes but similar here

That terrifying scowl in the last picture – priceless


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