Moons and Lace

Hey friends! When I took a trip to Disney World not too long ago, I visited the Polynesian Resort. Basically when you enter the resort it feels like you’ve been magically transported to Hawaii. After breakfast, I decided to venture around the resort and found something pretty great.

Outside was a nice area with a pool filled with children and the strong scent of sunscreen, so I just kept on walking. Towards the very back, I found a quiet, secluded beach area. Long story short, I wanted to stay there forever. Sound of crashing waves + lack of people = total relaxation. Screw Magic Kingdom, this is the most magical place on earth!

I paired one of my favorite T-shirts (moon phases and all) with light shorts and a white cardigan. But this white cardigan has a full lace back to it, which makes it not-your-average piece.






Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



IMG_0427 (1).JPG

Where to Find These Clothes

Moon T-Shirt – old

Shorts – here

Lace Back Cardigan – here (similar)

Pointed Ankle Boots – here (similar)


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