Breakfast Heaven – Kona Café

Hey friends! A bad habit of mine is that I almost never give myself enough time to eat breakfast. But when I do, it either involves waffles or the Kona Café. It would be both, but for some weird reason they don’t have waffles there. Step it up, Kona Café. Well, I guess it really doesn’t matter that much because the Kona’s food never disappoints.


The restaurant opens up to the resort it’s in, which is the Polynesian Resort at Disney. I don’t go to the Kona a lot, so I order as much as I possibly can. This last time I tried my first cup of coffee: Kona coffee. It’s one of the strongest and it did nothing to me. Nothing except for making me addicted to the taste and the fact that mugs are good hand warmers.

French Press Kona Coffee & Lilikoi Juice

First time ever I’ve had any sort of French Press coffee! Definitely did not disappoint. Also, lilikoi juice is Kona’s combination of tart passionfruit, guava and orange juice.







The Tonga Toast (basically stuffed french toast on steroids)

From pancakes to the Tonga Toast specialty (rumored to be 3000 freaking calories), every bit of food tastes amazing.


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