End of the Year Music Playlist

Hey friends! Music is something pretty important. I basically like any type of music from alternative to R&B. Except country, but that’s just me. I just can’t do it. Now I’m being offensive to someone out there.

Throughout the year, I have discovered a lot of new music and artists that are not necessarily known by everyone like Daniela Andrade and Morgan James. Some of my favorites that most do know are Adele (who surprised attacked everyone with her new album) and James Bay. Music is also great for when you need to drown out some ignorant conversations floating around as well.

I find music to be a lot of things. It can be a mood changer or relater. Music is an escape and an expression. Music is freaking amazing.

1) James Bay

  • Favorite Songs: Move Together, If You Ever Want To Be In Love, Wait In Line, Hold Back The River, and basically every song by James Bay

2) Morgan James



  • Favorite Songs/Covers: Call My Name, Say The Words, I’m Not The Only One, Roxanne, Alive

3) Daniela Andrade


  • Favorite Covers: Crazy, Creep, Billie Jean, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Stay

4) Lana Del Rey

  • Favorite Songs: Ride, American, Body Electric, Burning Desire, West Coast

5) Carina Round


  • Favorite Songs: For Everything A Reason, Do You, Backseat, Set Fire

6) Adele

  • Favorite Songs: I Miss You, When We Were Young, Million Years Ago, Water Under The Bridge, Love In The Dark


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