The Morning Rush: Coffee. Create. Sleep.

Hey friends. I am sleepily writing this second part of “The Morning Rush” series while gulping coffee out of a travel mug. Somehow travel mug coffee just doesn’t taste as good as coffee in a regular mug. I don’t know whether it’s the feel of an actual mug or something more technical like aeration. All I know is that I’ve been rambling on about freaking coffee for the start of a style post. Worth it.

When I’m too tired to pitch in more than a little effort, I throw on a simple combination of clothes. It’s not fancy, but it does the job of making me seem like a put-together person. I paired a military style jacket with my favorite T-shirt that reads,

“I just to want to drink coffee, create stuff, and sleep.”



My severely ripped jeans add a bit of grunginess and texture. But just to let you know, the rips weren’t originally as bad. Whenever I try to put these on, my foot just decides to go through and make the rips bigger. I still like them.




Links to Clothes:

Military Jacket // T-Shirt // Ripped Jeans // Ankle Boots (similar)



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