A New Type of Creative Outlet.

Hey, it’s Laura! This blog has so far been a combination of favorites and personal style, but I’ve decided to expand this creative outlet of mine. Due to my enjoyment of writing, I want to begin writing about more diverse and meaningful topics. My goal for this new section of The Wicked Introvert is to create a place where we can talk about film, books, poetry, music, and art in general. It’s kind of like taking my monthly 5 Wicked Cool Things series and elaborating on my appreciation for those things. 


I’ve wanted to create a section on this platform to focus on writing about different forms of art and design. The content will definitely be more serious (as is my personality in general), but will have potential interest in those who are fascinated with things of a deeper, creative nature. On the other hand, my never-ending dark sense of humor and sarcasm will always be a constant in who I am, but I’m choosing to morph into my own type of real writing style for this blog. 

However, I will definitely continue with my passion for personal style and my other peculiar ramblings I’ve been sharing with you on The Wicked Introvert! One of my beliefs is the importance of constantly seek to improve upon things that you thoroughly take pride in doing/creating.




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