To me, simplicity is based on neutral tones and stuff that you can just throw on. At the same time, it kind of looks like you’ve got your shit together. This outfit is me trying to do both of those things. You can’t go wrong with the simplicity of a t-shirt and plain blue jeans! … More Simplicity.


Hey, it’s Laura. I named this style post Enigmatic because I have a fascination with words and poetry. The word enigmatic is one of my favorites. It means that something is mysterious and hard to understand. Also, I just found out that it is the name of a rapper, which I think just adds to the … More Enigmatic.

Awake My Soul

Hey, it’s Laura. I wanted to do a look that felt more like the change into summer. Instead of the bold neon colors that many style their spring outfits with, I’ve decided to do my own monochromatic boldness. I’m still trying to mix more of a color spectrum into my closet, but sometimes I just … More Awake My Soul

Burnt Orange

Hey friends! I was on the hunt for a damn comfy sweater this season, and I finally found one! The sweater I found is perfect because it’s oversized, comfortable, and a really nice burnt orange color. I’ve been wearing it practically every Monday, and I’m calling it my “Monday Sweater.” I don’t think I need … More Burnt Orange