To me, simplicity is based on neutral tones and stuff that you can just throw on. At the same time, it kind of looks like you’ve got your shit together. This outfit is me trying to do both of those things. You can’t go wrong with the simplicity of a t-shirt and plain blue jeans! … More Simplicity.

(Not So) Beach Ready

Hey friends! I’m not a really beach-y person if you already couldn’t tell by my pale skin and hatred of direct sunlight. Wow, that really makes me sound like I’m a vampire. I went to Virginia Beach and spent a little time by the boardwalk. Here are the things I like about the beach: Walking … More (Not So) Beach Ready

My Summer To-Do List

Hey friends! It’s summer and unlike others, I’m more of an autumn person. But instead of wasting my time like last summer (I admit), I’m determined to get things done. Yeah, last summer I indulged in my obsession of watching videos while eating countless sleeves of unsalted crackers. I’m over unsalted crackers, but not watching … More My Summer To-Do List